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We're Coconutty About Our Water

Coconut water is the clear fluid found inside young coconuts, which are sterile until opened (ripe coconuts tend not to have water, but have white meat and air inside them).

The cavity of these ginormous green seeds hanging from tall swaying palm trees, is filled with coconut water, a liquid that has long been used by natives of palm producing countries as a medical and nutritional miracle worker.

The water is taken straight from the sterile centre of young, green coconuts. Coconuts from different parts of the world taste different. We chose our source in Thailand because Thai coconut have a naturally sweetier nutter tatste. The coconuts are grown and then harvested by a small plantation especially for us.

Go CoCo

We love our coconut water, which is why we only bottle from a single source. This means that we can keep our coconut water 100% natural without ever sacrificing on taste. Not all coconuts were created equal- tust us, we've tried plenty!

We're the only UK brand to package in 500ml Resealable Plastic Bottles

This makes drinking coconut water easier when you're on the move, exercising or playing sport. Our bottles are also 500ml which gives you more for your money!


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