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A #BetterYou in 2017

January is a tough month. Everyone is saying "New Year and New Me". Instagram goes into over drive with all your fitness friends showing off their new gear at the gym and it seems everyone meal preps…for at least the first week.

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It’s a tough month, but it doesn’t have to be. We here at GoCoco understand that we all need a kick up the backside (or motivation to others) to get your fitness goals on track. That’s why each day in January, we are going to be offering up a daily fitness and health tip for you to check out and try to use. Some might fit your goals, some might not, but we want you to get motivated.

That’s not all. We also will be giving you motivation and advice from our brand ambassadors. These athletes and trainers know what it takes to reach goals and sustain success.

As well as our great motivational advice, why not try some of our new weekly recipes using, you guessed it, GoCoco coconut water.

2016, a year many of us would like to forget. 2017 is your clean slate and January is the best time to start. Let's get cracking!


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