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  • How many different ways can you use a coconut?

    Although coconut water is our game, we're taking this opportunity to talk about the benefits that coconuts have as a whole.

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  • Why is it important to keep hydrated?

    For the majority of people, you sweat when you exercise, especially if you have had an intense session. This causes you to lose fluid, which you will need to recover from.

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  • Team Go Coco at the HHTS

    Many people will not know that last year, we went through a mentoring programme with Entrepreneurial Spark, Acceler-8 which is based in the Glasgow Hatchery. There are two other hatcheries across the central belt, one in Ayrshire and one in Edinburgh which is a hot bed for exciting new start up ventures.

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  • Tropical smoothie recipe…

    It’s that time of the month again! The time that we bring you another delicious smoothie recipe, sent to us by one of our lovely fans! This month our recipe is brought to you by one of our Twitter followers ‘@FrugallyHealty‘. Her real name is Nicola, and she is a self confessed health, fitness and nutrition addict, and an avid food blogger.

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  • What makes us different?

    With many reputable producers of coconut water these days, it can be hard for someone to make the decision of which one to buy. In a market like this one you have stand out from your competitors and show that you’re different, for the better. So we often find people asking, what makes Go Coco different?

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  • How much sugar are you consuming?

    With health and nutrition becoming more popular in recent years, people are becoming more aware of what they’re putting in their body and what those foods and drinks contain. So when people are more conscious of what are actually in these sports drinks and even fruit juices, it’s natural that they will look for a healthier option, but many people are still naive to what it is they’re consuming. So now let’s look at the different drinks and how they stack up to Go Coco…

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  • Delicious Coconut Water smoothie recipe…

    Every month we want to give you a delicious recipe that will not only taste good, but it will be nutritious, healthy and very easy to make. This month our friends at Lucy Bee sent us a delicious smoothie recipe that is just too good for us to not share in our newest blog series.

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  • 10 reasons to drink Go Coco…

    For those who don’t know what Go Coco is, it’s a natural coconut water taken from ripe coconuts in Thailand. It’s a sweet tasting, smooth drink with less sugar than sports drinks and all the benefits. Coconut water is naturally low in calories and fat free. It contains more potassium than four bananas, and of course is extremely hydrating, which is why it is found to be more popular among athletes, or people who lead an active lifestyle with regular exercise.

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  • Go Coco Helps Adopt-a-Camp

    Soul superstar, Joss Stone, might have been in Dubai last week performing at the inaugural 2-day Blended Festival, however rather than simply taking in the sights like most tourists and celebrities, the singer decided to find out more about a charity close to our heart, Adopt-a-Camp.

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  • Why Athletes Drink Go Coco

    If you follow Go Coco on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you will most likely have seen an array of British athletes and sports stars drinking our coconut water, but have you ever wondered why?

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