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So why drink coconut water? 

Well you could drink Go Coco simply because it tastes good – it’s smooth, delicious and light. Sweeter and more exciting than plain old water, it's not just a flavourful and completely natural hydration alternative, it's also good for you!

Coconut water is naturally low in calories and contains zero fat. We never add any sugar, unlike most popular fruit juices and spor drinks. GoCoco is also naturally isotonic, which means it's packed with electrolytes, like calcium, sodium and potassium.


Go CoCo

Go Coco is 100% natural and completely free of added sugar and other arificial nasties. There are no unhealthy secrets hiding in our coconut water. So rehydrate worry-free!

Potassium also helps the body to fight water retention, muscle cramps and heart irregularities- and GoCoco coconut water has oodles of it. In fac, one bottle of GoCoco has 50% more potassium than a banana!

And since we bottle the water of young Thai coconuts soon after they're harvested, GoCoco has no need for dunky colours, fizziness, aded sugar, nasty preservatives or syrupy flavours.

Go CoCo

Coconut water was administered to intravenously to British and Japanese soldiers during world war II to mimic human blood plasma!

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