Go CoCo


Palm Tree
  • Naturally isotonic - replaces fluids and minerals lost during physical activities
  • We're the only UK brand that comes to you in a convenient plastic bottle and not from concentrate. Have you tried opening a coconut? its not easy... trust us!
  • More nutrients than whole milk with no cholesterol, less fat, fewer carbohydrates and it's low in natural occurring sugar.
  • Gococo has 50% less sugar than some traditional apple or orange juices... much better for our teeth and our waistline. 
  • It improves circulation and is known to clean your digestive tract – and in turn this is great for your body's biggest organ, the skin
  • Strengthen's your immune system and helps fight against viruses
  • Absolutely no added sugar and it's naturally fat free
  • Five naturally occurring electrolytes, and it's especially high in potassium, among other things. Potassium helps to regulate blood pressure and heart function
  • It settles the stomach and reduces vomiting. Great for hangovers!
  • If consumed on a regular basis it can reduce urinary problems
Go Coco Go Coco Splash