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At Go Coco, we're all about Coconut Water.

That water bit at the end is vital. Because its so different to the other things you get that start with coconut.

Things you could confuse Go CoCo For...

    • Coconut Milk - A key ingredient in Thai Curries, and delicious dairy-free alternative to milk.
    • Coconut Cream - great, in fact amazing in daiquiris. But nothing to do with Go Coco.
    • Coconut Oil - wonderful for your hair, but not to drink.
    • Coconut Meat - delicious, and adds yumminess to food.
    • Coconut Flowers - pretty, but not edible.
    • Coconut Husk - makes a great coir mat for your front door.
    • Coconut Shell - not edible but we don't mind if you use one as a bowl to drink Go Coco from.


    • Go Coco is also NOT a cocktail, a yoghurt, or good at controlling frizzy hair. Sorry


  • Glad we got that straight
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